Released: Everspace

So here's the skinny: Star Citizen won't run on my laptop, Elite: Dangerous was kind of boring at launch and No Man's Sky was... well... you know.

My space itch is yet to be satisfied and such is my desperation that I've turned to literature for my fix. Then, my friends, Everspace gifs creeped into my timeline (WHICH YOU'LL HAVE TO IMAGINE BECAUSE THEY KEEP REFUSING TO EMBED IN THE DAMN POST!)

LOOK at it and imagine what it would look like if it was moving! I can tell you that it looks beauts, but you're probably wondering what it is, right? You've been burned before in space and now you're, rightly, cautious.

Everspace has been released into the Early Acces program (and Xbox's Preview Program) and is a single player roguelike space shooter. I know some people recoil in horror when they hear roguelike - but stick with me. Here is the gameplay loop:

Having some persistence in roguelikes is always key to enjoyment for me - I can't justify spending a load of time on something to get nothing in return, so this loop is perfect for people like me (and credit to NeoGAF for the image!)

You can buy the game on Steam here or, if you'd prefer, buy from the devs directly here.