A Summer of Indies: Part 1

Yeah yeah, I capitalised more than one word in the title, it's not a client email, so sue me. Also I see that's been a number of months since I posted anything at all, so let's do some game stuff.

Summer is here and, far from the usual gaming drought that accompanies it, there's a flood of games (mostly indies) coming to keep us entertained when we should all be outside getting some vitamin D. They make tablets for that now, so let's dive in. I've included prices, store links and eliminated pretty much all the effort on your part.

The Solus Project


The first game on the list is one that usually might not tickle my fancy. A first person survival, crafting and management style game; The Solus Project. This makes the list for the incredibly detailed, alien world.

Steamworld Heist


The follow up to a game I didn't like much is a game that doesn't appeal to me much either. Rock, Paper, Shotgun were extremely positive about the 2D robot destroying tactics game though, if you fancy giving their thoughts a read.



Now we're talking. Chubby graphics, thick edges, hilarious facial expressions and plenty of explosions. Wasted is a Fallout-inspired roguelike from Adult Swim's ever impressive publishing house.

House of the Dying Sun


The space game renaissance continues with the gorgeous, mission based House of the Dying Sun. Part Homeworld, part Freelancer this game has been a regular feature in the RSS feeds of indie enthusiasts for a long time now.

Ghost 1.0


Ghost 1.0 is the follow up to UnEpic - an unexpectedly excellent roguelike about a DnD player finding himself in a dungeon. Ghost 1.0 is also a charming and challenging roguelike with a strong sci-fi aesthetic.

Dead by Daylight


I'll write a few more words about this soon, since it's lighting up the Steam sales charts and having people from all over signing its praises. Dead by Daylight is a 4v1 horror game, where a team of 4 survivors struggle to survive against 1 raging lunatic. It's hilarious, it's tense and it's very, very good.


No that's not a new game with an unusual name, now we're moving into the month of July. No prices on these because I'm not psychic. Enjoy!


The next title, a long awaited one at that, is from Playdead - the minds behind Limbo. It's been a number of years since the beautiful, and terrifying, monochrome platformer launched so Inside has a lot of hype building for it. It's out towards the end of June on Xbox One, and early July for the PC crowd.


Another game with a degree of hype is the next game from Hairbrained Schemes - the minds behind Shadowrun. This is a massive departure; a third person co-op dungeon crawler with plenty of hacking and a decent amount of slashing.


File this under "stuff that has always appealed but I know I would be a bit shit at" - a file that, as I get older, seems to be getting larger and larger. Rimworld is a sci-fi Dwarf Fortress; workers doing insane things in a seemingly infinite simulation. It has a nice aesthetic, which is something that always put me off Dwarf Fortress, as shallow as it is.

And that's that for June and July! I'll make a subsequent post about upcoming games for August soon - once I drag myself away from Rocket League and Overwatch (which I have some thoughts about too...)