Upcoming: Stardew Valey

"ALL I WANT," I screamed, "IS A GAME LIKE HARVEST MOON BUT ON PC!!" This was my morning mantra, said into the mirror, in the hope that someone, somewhere, would answer my cries.

Maybe, just maybe, someone has done.

Stardew Valley is coming from Chucklefish, the minds behind Starbound. It is unashamedly Harvest Moon like but, you know what, who cares? This is an untapped market on PC, and this looks to be no cash in.

Gorgeous pixel art, relaxing music and the promise of farming, farming and more farming mean that this is a day one purchase for me. Luckily I don't have long to wait either; Stardew Valley is coming out on February 26th.

The game's Steam page is right here if you want to poke around and have a read.