Released: Devil Daggers

"Big, chunky graphics!" came the cry from my oft partner in my crime Alex Connolly, a man who's opinion I respect more than most. I had no idea what he was talking about though; probably something with robots, or something in space. What I didn't expect to see what chunky monsters, massive bullets and blood and gore.

A quick Google, a quick trailer watch later and I was pretty excited and thought I'd make a post to bring it to the attention of a few more.

Devil Daggers is a game from Sorath; a perfectly priced, beautiful, visceral game from Sorath.

A first person shooter come 1990s style arcade game where you fight legions of beautifully realised horrors. Have a look at the GIFs on this page, go on, look at them.

You can buy Devil Daggers for $3.99. That's it. I'm on my way to buy it now and it'll be cheaper than the coffee I buy on my way to work tomorrow.