The Division 1.5

Ubisoft's record breaking New York City apocalypse-em-up The Division fell on hard times after launch. Numerous bugs and hackers were prevalent, dampening much of the enjoyment players had.

The team have been working hard, though, to rectify issues, add content and address player concerns  in the intervening months. And here we are, the world outside has changed massively since The Division launched, and now version 1.5 is here. 

1.5 brings some of the game's biggest changes yet, accompanying the game's upcoming survival expansion. That's exactly what it sounds like; hunger, heat and thirst are all factors in this new roguelike style mode.

In this mode there's a blizzard bearing down on NYC and players will have to battle to the centre of Manhattan to get some drugs to support the cause. 24 players will be scattered around the map, stripped of gear, with only one goal; make it to the centre before death.

It's a great twist on the formula and, in many ways, is a realisation of what many felt The Division could be; a dangerous, frightening foray into a New York City in turmoil where the conditions are just as deadly as the gangs that roam the streets.

The patch doesn't have a fixed release date, nor the paid Survival expansion, but there's videos online of people experiencing it in the public test realm.

You can read a great breakdown of the whole thing, and the streams, on Kotaku.