Paragon's new map Monolith coming December 6th

I talked a great deal about Paragon after the launch event I attended earlier this year. A MOBA for a generation of gamers who maybe aren't so keep on the top down look of LoL or DOTA 2.

I liked it, and still do in many ways, but have cooled on the game as other things released and have taken interest and time away from Epic's game.

There are a number of reasons the game has tapered off for many - most of which have been recognised by Epic on their developer blog - but one of which is the way that players engage in battle with one another. The manually activated travel mode caused real issues; but the map (now to be called Legacy) had a number of issues that lead to a number of key issues.

Credit, then, should be given to Epic who are addressing that concern by releasing a brand new map, called Monolith, to be the default battlefield going forward.

You can read about all of the changes and the theorycraft behind them here - and it'll be available to play on Tuesday December 6th.