Gloria Victis's new animations

The past week or so I realised that I do something rather odd. I have loads of games on PC (who doesn't) but I keep everything updated. I'll load up Origin and update games I haven't played in months just in case, crack open Uplay and update to the latest version of The Division on the off chance my friends might pick it up again.

Elite Dangerous? Updated. Battlefield 4? You got it. One thing I haven't kept updated, though, is Gloria Victis. I picked it up at the front end of the year before it hit Early Access and enjoyed a bit of time with it, but it, like so many other games, tailed off for me as work ramped up.

For those who don't know the game; Gloria Victis is a low fantasy MMO that is driven heavily by players influencing the systems of the game. I won't ramble too much (the Early Access trailer is above giving you a much more thorough idea) but the game continues to grow and change at a steady pace.

The latest update showcases a huge reworking to the game's animation system. If you watched the above trailer and thought "what a load of jank!" then hold your horses and watch the below:

Much more smooth, right?

To add a dollop more of good things to the update the character creation tool has received an overhaul as well to allow for a much more robust and personal avatar. Also players will now be able to create female characters.

The final note on this update (which is already a hefty one) is the release of Halloween-themed global events, some minor tweaks to several other bits and pieces and an "ever evolving" promise on the game.


The game does, thankfully, have a weekly update blog on its Steam community page - allowing you to keep track of changes as and when they happen.

You can pick up Gloria Victis on Steam right here.