Endless Space 2: Early Access on October 6th

It's been one heck of a ride for Amplitude Studios. Endless Space launched, in a somewhat low key event, a few years ago on Steam. It was good, if a little rough in areas, but Amplitude quickly demonstrated themselves to be a different kind of studio. Complaints were listened to, criticism was taken on board, changes were made and the game improved.

That's something that has carried Amplitude since then. Dungeon of the Endless was next; a glorious top down rogue like that, I think, remains unmatched by anything the studio has put out since. Endless Legend, a game that shakes up the "Civilization formula," comes close though. 

Yet here we are, coming full circle, as Endless Space 2 prepares to hit Early Access. With the lessons learned from previous releases, the time afforded them from Early Access (not to mention the backing of their new publisher SEGA) all point to Endless Space 2 being the game that we all hoped it could be.

Have a look at some of the glorious screenshots in the gallery below, check out the Vodyani trailer and mark the date in your diaries.