Tyranny - "Fatebinder" - Release date trailer

You wait for announcements about games then two come along at once. Bus metaphors aside - this is an announcement that many had been looking forward to, though none expected the date to be quite so soon.

Tyranny, the next game from Obsidian, is scheduled to release on November 10th. It seems like only a few short weeks ago that the game was debuted, but the new trailer shows a product, and a concept, that looks incredible.

I was mixed on Pillars of Eternity - RTwP (real time with pause) has never really been my method of choice for combat, and oftentimes I felt the game was over-written, but I was excited that in this day and age there was a developer brave enough to make a game like it.

Tyranny takes the Pillars concept (an unlikely band of rag-tag heroes saving the world and inverts it; giving us, instead, a tyrant into whose hands the fate of thousands is thrust.

You can watch the trailer in this post and the details of various versions and pre-order bits is all below in the images.

You can pre-order Tyranny right here, right now.