Upcoming: GRIP

The last Kickstarter project I threw a little bit of money towards was Wildfire; a small project with a modest goal that looked extremely promising and easy for the developer (relatively) to achieve. The next project I back might not hit many of those criteria.

Indie Game Enthusiast has long maintained that a successful Kickstarter should tick the following boxes:

  1. Achievable target
  2. Gameplay footage (not just short gifs)
  3. Something playable
  4. Good influences
  5. Clear and concise messaging

It's not a surprise when Kickstarters fail their target when they fail to hit any of the targets above, but successful ones can often tick a few of those boxes and manage.

GRIP, the spiritual successor to Rollcage (a cult Playstation One game), has launched its Kickstarter and is asking for $657,000 for basic funding. It's a lofty goal, though certainly not one of the highest I've seen succeed, and the guys behind it certainly have some experience. Is there gameplay footage? You bet there is; the game already looks high octane, a faithful re imagining of a classic. While there's nothing playable (which could prove to be a stumbling block with many high profile Youtubers not able to cover the campaign) that could still come.

With a number of the boxes ticked this is a Kickstarter that I hope succeeds. If you want to watch the pitch video and throw some cash their way then you can do so here. GRIP is slated to come to both Playstation 4 and PC.