Screenshot Saturday: 4/7

Happy Independence Day to my American chums! Let's celebrate games.

Title: Yonder

Developer: Ventrous Games

Embark on a journey in a world of adventure. Explore, solve puzzles and unravel a mystery together. Whether you decide to play Yonder by yourself or cooperatively, the adventure will revolve around interactions between the characters of the game and their surroundings.

Title: Knee Deep

Developer: Prologue Games

Knee Deep unfolds in the backwater Florida town of Cypress Knee. A washed-up Hollywood actor is found hanging from the iconic tower at the center of Chief Roadside’s Wonderland, a tacky resort that is more of an affront to Native Americans than tourist attraction. You investigate this mysterious suicide through the eyes of three distinct characters: cheeky blogger Romana Teague, beleaguered local newspaper reporter Jack Bellet, and cynical private investigator K.C. Gaddis.

Title: Pathos

Developer: Pathos Studios

Pathos is a 3D puzzle adventure game for the PS Vita, utilizing the gyroscope to change the way we think about handheld consoles.

Title: Slain

Developer: Wolfbrew Games

Bathoryn must battle his way through a doomed land packed with gruesome pixel art foes before ascending (or sometimes descending) each tower, defeating puzzles, traps and monsters alike. At the heart of each tower, he must confront a mighty overlord. Defeat it and Bathoryn’s quest continues. Fail, and you’ll die gruesomely – mauled by werewolves, disintegrated by floating monstrosities, squashed by great weights or torn apart by hidden blades.