Upcoming: MegaSphere

Cue another victory for itch.io and some staggering gifs; without both I wouldn't have laid eyes on MegaSphere.

MegaSphere is an upcoming randomly generated sci-fi themed action platformer from Anton Kudin. As you progress through the levels they begin to rearrange and reconstruct, and when you die the level will be completely different. As you progress you'll discover upgrades for your gun and for your suit allowing you to, ahem, "zoom through the mega jungle like a boss!"

The game promises no hand-holding and no tutorials (my two least favourite things,) extremely difficult enemies, a pixel-perfect lighting engine (which looks amazing in the above gif) and, to top off this perfection, both keyboard + mouse and controller inputs. Fantastic.

The game is already available to pre-order on the developer's website and over on itch.io and you can upvote it on Greenlight. You can also watch the game's newest teaser trailer right here.