Upcoming: Doko Roko

I saw the beautiful Doko Roko courtesy of the wonderful Indie Game Enthusiast blog. Roguelike? Check. Beautiful animations? You bet. Shopkeepers with a bad attitude? Even better.

Doko Roko is, in the words of its creators, "a rogue-like, vertical platformer about strange magicks, weird swords, and the spread and mutation of ideas." It's a fast paced game in which you're tasted to climb an impossibly tall tower than changes over the course of various playthroughs to reveal more and more of the mystery of how and why you're trapped here. The game's creator is promising far reaching, and not always apparent, consequences to a number of your actions, and even some you may never see depending on your playthroughs.

The game's primary method of destruction is giant swords - many of which you can see exclusively over at Indie Game Enthusiast - which have varying attributes, buffs and downsides which you must weigh up as situations unfold. The specifics of the tower, its size and just how the rogue like elements will all tie in is under wraps right now but rest assured that the developer is "very averse to hand-holdy stuff" in games and promises that the narrative won't be explicit and neither will the effects and abilities of items throughout the game, forcing players to experiment and learn as they go.

The one man studio is hard at work on the project which you can keep tabs on either his Twitter page or the development Tumblr. A Kickstarter is planned for later in the year.