Screenshot Saturday 6/6 Part 2

Yeah so I saw some more cool stuff when I woke up this morning; turns out that while I was asleep dreaming that Barcelona hadn't won another Champions League there were people still awake, in other time zones, making screenshots. Who knew. Let's get into it.

Title: Bierzerkers

Developer: Shield Break Studios 

Bierzerkers is Shield Break’s first project and is currently in development. Bierzerkers is a team-based, multiplayer melee combat game set in the viking afterlife. Do battle as a variety of unique classes with stylized Norse visuals, arcade-inspired melee combat, and fierce online competition. 

Title: PolyKid

Developer: PolyKidGames

Poi is a 3D open-world adventure platformer inspired by games like Super Mario 64, Super Monkey Ball and Shadow of the Colossus. You play as a rambunctious runaway on an adventure to become a Master Explorer. Explore a vast and infinite world, play through platforming challenges, and solve secrets to achieve your ultimate goal of finding the mythical discoveries!

Title: Thea: The Awakening

Developer: MuHa Games

Slavic, Witcheresque Dark Fantasy world of Thea Awakens! Featuring Strategic-survival gameplay, story based Events & a Card Minigame!


Developer: oldblood

...A troubled young man discovers through a series of hallucinations that he will one day become a violent psychopath. How will he respond to this revelation? Can he change his fate?(Can you even change fate?) Or will he chose to embrace it?