Screenshot Saturday 6/6

It's time for the second installment in this legendary, multi-part series. So prepare your eye holes; here come some screenshots. I might even make another post given how much cool stuff I've seen today, who knows!

Title: Beyond Eyes

Developer: tiger & squid

In Beyond Eyes is a game where you guide a blind girl through an unfamiliar world, revealing it through touch, scent and sound.

Title: Glyphs

Developer: Legit Games

Legend has it that Eldamir, a now peaceful land was once plagued by evil spirits.

When the death toll became overwhelming, the six most powerful Elders sacrificed themselves to create the Glyphs and end the chaos.

Title: For Our Skyline

Developer: Rotorist Workshop

For Our Skyline is a 3D single player helicopter combat game, in which the player engage aerial combat among skyscrapers to save the home city from invaders.

Title: The Song of Seven

Developer: Enlightened Games

The Song of Seven spans an entire world and tells a story of forgotten celestial siblings, isolated villages, seafaring pirates, ghosts, monsters, leaders, artists, mystics, lovers, dancers, inventors, and the power of connections. Its game play hearkens back to old school point and click, inventory-based adventure/puzzle games but uses third person analog controls for a more updated, immersive feeling. 

Title: Eatshade

Developer: Eatshade Studios

Eastshade is a game that is a world worth exploring for the sake of exploring. Its a strange place with sights to see, sounds to hear, people to meet, things to find, and impasses to surmount. As the player, you are a curious pilgrim wandering through a mysterious, extraordinary, and disinterested place. While the world seems to go on without you, it also acknowledges your actions, as your decisions impact the lives of the inhabitants.