Hot Date

Boy did I struggle to find a place to put this. Can you review Hot Date? Even put it in with the previews and the early access stuff? Until I decide to create a specific section called "small stuff that won't fit anywhere else" it'll have to go in the blog.

Hot Date is a game from George Batchelor which puts you in a hilarious, awkward speed dating situation where you try to romance a series of pugs. While they may all look alike their postures and facial expressions are often telling; Wednesday in particular was a real bitch who cared little to hear about my butterfly collection. 

The game tasks you with trying to romance the pugs via a series of questions. Some are pre-baked, but as the short conversations progress you piece together phrases and questions using the menu. That might be a question about whether or not those pugs like the modern Simpsons episodes , if they like jazz or even if they like you at all. It's awkward and entirely indicative on how I would do in a similar situation. I'm even thankful for the small mercy of when the date is over; I cannot imagine anything worse than this.

I'm thankful that Hot Date has proven to me that I'd be awful speed dating. Maybe it can do the same for you? Hot Date is available here for pay what you want.