Screenshot Saturday: 28/6

Again, I know it's Sunday.

Title: Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth

Developer: Cardboard Keep

Warden is a third-person action-adventure game in which you control the ethereal Warden Spirit, who shapeshifts into the form of Wardens; children called to by the forest - each bringing with them a unique power. You explore a world where the relationship between nature and mankind has been upset, and must bring a new balance to the world. To complete your quest, you travel through many varied environments, including thick forest, overgrown ruins, windy mountaintops and a mighty fortress. 


Title: Neopolis

Developer: Omni Labs

Neopolis is a Real Time Strategy game designed to remove stale genre conventions (like complicated technology-trees) and replace them with deep, innovative, yet accessible mechanics. It’s multiplayer focused, but will contain some single player functionality. (Computer opponent, tutorials, skirmish mode)

Title: Tangiers

Developer: Alex Harvey

Title: Renowned Explorers

Developer: Abbey Game

Renowned Explorers: International Society is a turn-based strategy game in which you command a motley crew of explorers, charting the mysterious blank spots that dot your 19th century maps. Your goal is to find legendary treasures in order to present them at the World Expo, where you and your rival battle for fame. To come out on top you will need to travel to exotic locations and plan ambitious expeditions with the help of a good map, the right equipment, and an expert crew.

Title: Cross of the Dutchman

Developer: Triangle Studios

In Cross of the Dutchman, you play as Pier, the farmer who turned into the commander of a Frisian army, an example for all people who were oppressed by the Saxxon invaders. While leading the rebellion you will get to meet and befriend historical characters and let them join your cause for freedom!