Upcoming: Splasher

"Another 2D platformer?" says the dissenting voice at the back of the Permanent Beta theatre, "can it really be better than Super Meat Boy? Or BRAID?!" Shut up you - Splasher looks great and you can't stop me writing about it.

Sorry about that, the locals get restless here. Splasher is the latest game from the amazing indie dev showcase currently running on reddit to catch my eye. It's a gorgeous 2D platformer that gives you the power of water to defeat your enemies but, in a post Splatoon world, also gives you paint to manipulate as you progress through the game. It'll hep you defeat enemies, it'll help you tackle tougher jumps and even let you stick to roofs and walls.

Splasher is designed with speedrunning in mind and taking the 2D platformer back to its cute and challenging roots. The guys at The Splashteam understand how to make this kind of game work, with credits on the both excellent Rayman: Origins and Rayman: Legends games, and are trying to make the game flow as well as possible; allowing scope for the beauty of movement.

You can follow the game's development here and even download their latest demo to play right here as well. You can also pre-order the game here!