Upcoming: Into the Stars

Since I've been waxing lyrical about the sea so much over the last few posts I thought I'd finally showcase a pretty looking space game: Into the Stars.

Pretty is an understatement; Into the Stars, build on Unreal Engine 4, is gorgeous and easily stands side by side with some of the biggest games in the genre.  What separates it from games like the wonderful Elite: Dangerous is a little more narrative focus, both across the game and in a moment to moment level.

While I enjoy Elite: Dangerous immensely I can completely understand people's frustrations with its obtuse systems and reliance on player driven narrative. The missions, too, are often extremely thing. Into the Stars offers a beginning and an end to your captain's journey; throwing up obstacles along the way and allowing the player to tackle them in a number of ways. As you do so you'll affect the outcome of your story as you and your crew explore the galaxy together.

That team aspect is crucial as well. By putting people in your command Into the Stars looks to add a more human element to proceedings as well. As you explore you have the option to send crew to complete certain tasks or challenge them to do certain things. They can succeed and you might be rewarded, or they might fail and you'll permanently lose a crew member. It's that roguelike influence that could make Into the Stars a huge success.

The game recently sailed through a Kickstarter campaign, you can track the game's progress on the development blog and into the Stars coming to Steam's Early Access program in July.