Upcoming: Wizard of Legend

Normally a game that contained the words "wizard" and "legend" would be quickly overlooked by me; after all I have had quite enough of both. But there is something charming about the gorgeous artstyle of Wizard of Legend that made me pay attention.

The box quote words don't just stop there though; 2d, roguelike, action adventure - I was convinced that I had had enough of every word I had listed so far. Turns out I might have been wrong. Wizard of Legend has something going for it already, something that sets it apart even if the description sounds a little standard.

The game has both PvE and PvP content and tasks you with becoming the best wizard of all them all. To do so you'll choose a specialisation, collect spells and defeat everyone along the way. With fast paced combat, gorgeous visuals, a co-op mode and development moving at good paced you're allowed to get excited about Wizard of Legend.

You can follow the game's progress here, you can play the latest build of the game here and follow the development team on Twitter here.