Upcoming: OreLight

Another game working its way comfortably through Greenlight is the upcoming multi player dungeon crawler, OreLight.

What looks to set OreLight apart from its Torchlight and Diablo brothers (and the myriad other dungeon crawlers) is, apart from its gorgeous art, the ability to create and destroy easily. The massive procedurally generated worlds can all be dug up, everything can be moved or replaced with something else so the potential for expressing your imagination is there. You could build your own house, your own town or even your own dungeon to test other players.

Your relationship with other players will be crucial here; while navigating the AI itself will be difficult enough (with its potential for marauding and looting) it will be how you handle yourself in a cut-throat world of backstabbing and thievery that will determine how well you do in the gorgeous world of OreLight.

You can follow OreLight's development here, you can vote for the game on Steam Greenlight here and you can look forward to the game coming to Early Access some time soon.