Upcoming: Nantucket

With the Steam sale madness and E3 hangover almost over I thought it was best to get back to discovering and promoting smaller games. So I have taken to Greenlight in search of the finest, as yet non greenlit, games available. First up: Nantucket.

The sea is my favourite "space" for gaming, alongside actual space. From gazing out to sea from one of The Witcher 3's beautiful coastlines to seafaring across the islands of the Caribbean in Sid Meier's Pirates every body of water carries with it crucial tenants of what makes them so fascinating; peace and tranquillity, mystery and adventure, danger and despair. It's a rare feat when a game captures all of these elements successfully, but Nantucket, from Picaresque Studio, looks to be hitting all the right beats.

Described as a "seafaring strategy game" the game takes place in the Golden Age of American whaling; we're talking Moby Dick and Ahab. You explore this living, dangerous world to hunt for whales while managing your crew and playing through hundreds of unique events. The game's storybook style lends itself well to the subject matter which has born some of greatest works of literature of all time.

The game is currently not available to play, but progress is steady. You can keep up with the game's development here and vote for the game on Steam Greenlight here.