Upcoming: Legacy of the Copper Skies

The Square Enix Collective has already claimed one promising game, though I always thought that it might fail, but I have serious hope that Legacy of the Copper Skies will make it through Square Enix's convoluted voting system.

Legacy of the Copper Skies is an action adventure game set in dual worlds; the dark, industrial world of Grimstad and the lush world of Ebura. Players will swap between two characters, Tir and Isen, and solve puzzles in both worlds. Using both characters simultaneously allows you to combine their abilities together to create new, more powerful abilities (in Crystal Chronicles tradition.)

The story promises being made are music to my ears as well; away from the princesses and silent protagonists of the genre, you'll dive into a fully realised world with a deep, rich back story and uncover the motivations of the character and factions operating within the world.

If the art, or premise, has you interested then head over to the Square Enix Collective and vote for Legacy of the Copper Skies.