Upcoming: Oh, Deer!

Playstation Mobile; another case of what might have been for Sony, the Vita and their phone division. I could go at length about what happened, what I would have liked to seen happen but that would be a waste of text at this point.

Oh, Deer! is likely to be the last game released for Sony's failed venture. If you want to learn more about it then you should read Robert Purchese's article over on Eurogamer about the decline of the service and how, in the developer's words, he's "going down with the ship."

The game looks and plays like Outrun but involves you driving super fast and crashing into some deer. It's a love letter to Sony, a love letter to Playstation Mobile and a proud statement from a group of people willing to support the people who helped them off the ground.

The game will be releasing soon after a brief stumble through Playstation's certification process and will cost all of 49 cents. You should buy it as a message to Sony that there was a group of people willing to support the platform, even if they weren't.