Steam Sale Spotlight: Eidolon

There's not much more I can write about a game that I called my Game of the Year last year. I'll quote myself in this introduction, then explain my hyperbole. Remember; always wait for the daily deals, or support the developers. Or both.

When I wrote my original review of Eidolon I was a little confounded about how to score it. It has some problems and it won't resonate with many people yet I scored it 10. Such is the nature of that fabled number I got a fair amount of criticism for defying my own scores, rightly so, and trying to explain why it spoke to me. I often look back at that review and think about what I might say if I went back to it.

This is my chance, but I need to brief. Eidolon is a game in the first person exploration genre but has so little in common with the narrative heavy Dear Esther or Gone Home you almost couldn't put it alongside them. Eidolon, while a game about exploring, is more specifically a game about discovery.

It's about discovering the history of this place, this enormous, beautiful landscape and understand your place within it. It's a staggering game; the scale is simply breathtaking, and what it lacks in some of the finer details and quality of life stuff it makes up for in passion, care and love.

Ice Water Games have created something deserving of lavish praise from people; something that defies a simple review score, something that can't quite be quantified by some arbitrary number or a blue thumbs up. This is a game to be savoured and to be loved. 

Eidolon is currently on sale at 66% off. I urge you to buy it, turn the lights down and give it a real chance.