Upcoming: This Is The Police

My girlfriend is packing up her room, I'm listening to the UK Top 40 (which is awful) and I'm exploring the internet looking for interesting videogames. Consider one found.

For people with their ear to the ground you won't have missed This Is The Police's successful Kickstarter campaign, but just in case you did let's take a look at why this project should be on your radar. The strategy/adventure game will explore the effects of power and corruption in the police force through the eyes of Jack Boyd, voiced by John St. John, a police officer being forced to retire in six months time. In that time he hopes to earn half a million dollars by any means necessary; breaking from his position as a "by the book" officer. He's now ready to do anything to achieve this goal and as the player you'll decide just how far he will go.

The continued presence of American police on our television screens for all the wrong reasons means that This Is The Police has the potential to be an important piece of art, even if it wasn't intended to be as such. The striking art style promises to lend weight to some of the more disturbing scenes the game will offer, some of which you can see on the game's website, and the strategy elements to the game should allow for more scope than a standard adventure game.

This Is The Police was successfully funded on Kickstarter and should be launching on PC, MAC and Linux in December of this year.