Upcoming: Cradle

Ah Cradle. A game that was announced way back in 2011 via a stunning teaser trailer that has had me following every development since. Today, however, is a landmark one.

Cradle will be released on July 25th of this year. If you don't know why you should be excited than here's a run down of what there is to look forward to:

With an entirely interactive environment every single detail is relevant to the story; a small newspaper clipping could add that vital piece to the puzzle,  while even the smallest detail can completely alter your perception of events. The game's story promises to be extremely deep and detailed; as you wander through an open world, "robotized" Mongolia you'll see stunning sights, unorthodox architecture and interact with NPCs who are promised to be as alive as the actors who play them.

The attention to detail is what I'm looking forward to the most. There's enormous scope for games to explore smaller environments in immense detail and Cradle is looking to do just that. The game is launching with two editions; one at $12.99 and the deluxe edition at $16.99 which includes the soundtrack and a number of unique wallpapers. Remember; July 25th.