Galaxy Heist: Kickstarter coming soon

Today must be "discover cool indie games that look  incredible" day. After having my eyeballs caressed by the beauty of Yonder they have now been tempted into throwing money at another project: Galaxy Heist. 

I have a soft spot for space games, especially ones that try something a little bit out of the ordinary. I have, and play, Elite: Dangerous but given my limited imagination and open world paralysis I find the limitless options a little counter intuitive to actually getting anything done. Galaxy Heist, despite offering a wealth of options, has a key breakdown of how the game works:

Step 1. Get The Upper Hand
Pilot your large ship, man the turrets with an array of weapons or take control of one of your drone wing men for some dog fighting.
Step 2. Board an Enemy Ship.
Once you've disabled another large ship, take control of one of your turrets and fire the tether. If it's a hit you'll automatically begin to reel them in and begin the boarding process.
Step 3. Fight for Control
Once on the bridge connecting your ship to the one you boarded, you'll need to fight through the ship in order to get to the flight deck. The insides of these large ships have plenty to interact with including an on-board air system, windows that will pull out nearby players and engine room fans that will dice up any player who gets close.
Step 4. Sabotage
Congratulations! You've successfully taken control of the ship. Once in the flight deck you can begin the ship's self destruct sequence. You will be brought back into the middle of the action with one less big ship to worry about.

I'm ready for the Galaxy Heist Kickstarter campaign. The video embedded in the post is handily titled "Game Explained in Under 2 Minutes" so if your brain functions about as well as mine then that's particularly useful. If you like what you see then you can head over the game's website and sign up for a Kickstarter notification (which they hope should be going live on June 1st.)